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Creativity Without Boundaries

That's what my clients say about me because I work in a multitude of styles. If you have an idea, I will bring it life! My creative work is focused on your specific goals. I have the experience and talent in many diverse mediums to bring you the best results. For example, I am right at home in any of the following arenas to create new and unique solutions to your need:

Branding -- Logos, Business Cards, Letterhead, Signage and Embroidery
Brochures, Banners Newsletters and Flyers
Print Advertising
Package Design
Small Catalogs
3D Illustration
Office Interiors

As a designer, I have what's needed to create attention grabbing concepts that say what you want to say. Got a concept you need express to deliver the right message? The right graphic can say much more than pages of complicated description.

Explain your brand image and what you wish to accomplish and I'll create compelling concepts to get your message across cleanly and simply and spur your target audience into action!

Fast, Efficient and Creative

Let's get started with your "original design concept" focused on achieving your goals. Call me at (813) 541-5881 to arrange a confidential appointment to discuss your project or campaign. I will work directly with you or your staff to develop the graphic design elements that speak sales.

USF Bulls Logo design created by Daniel Mauk

"Bull Logo" was created specifically for the University of South Florida.

Daniel's design focus was to create a uncomplicated logo with crisp lines and character that is easily recognized. It has become a Floridian icon for USF. This logo portrays the "elegance of simplicity" that characteristic of his work.

.... The two traits I would best associate with Daniel are his creativity and his desire for alignment.

...I could always count on Daniel to come through on assignments requiring unique graphic design. (He) would always come up with a variety of unique approaches.

.... What really sets Daniel part, is his willingness to sacrifice some creative pride to ensure a project will be commercial viable or meet specific client needs.

....He is a team player that understands his success and the organization's success are linked. 

Michael Johnson Marketing Director
VF Licensed Sport Group